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If you ever up and leave me for any reason but death. I’ll slit your throat and make sure you never take another breathe.

I love you to the moon and back. The only person who can take you is God without getting smacked.

I know I may seem a little crazy. But baby your truly the only person that makes my thoughts seem so hazy.

Darling when this first started it wasn’t supposed to be love.
But the something changed when those words came out of your mouth like a little shove.

You pushed me off a huge cliff with what you showed me.
I didn’t think that something so knew could feel so right but baby it has to be.

Baby I’d be crazy if I said you put a spell on me but your love has me so high.
I ain’t ever been this deep before this shit feels so real you joke about dyin’ but I feel like I am flyin’.

What is going to happen when he turns into another one of the rest? He says he’s not a normal guy but what happens when he gets tired of getting what he wants? What am I going to do when the person who stopped me from wanting to hurt myself leaves me again? Why can’t I just be a happy normal person?

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